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power/io.h on 1990/0227
#define UNCACHED	0xA0000000 
#define	IO2(t,x)	((t *)(UNCACHED|0x17000000|(x))) 
#define VMEA24SUP(t, x)	((t *)(UNCACHED|0x13000000|(x))) 
#define	SYNCBUS(t,x)	((t *)(UNCACHED|0x1E000000|(x))) 
#define	SBSEM		SYNCBUS(ulong, 0) 
#define	SBSEMTOP	SYNCBUS(ulong, 0x400000) 
#define	LED		((char*)0xBF200001) 
typedef struct SBCC	SBCC; 
typedef struct Timer	Timer; 
typedef struct Duart	Duart; 
struct SBCC 
	ulong	level[14];	/* cpu interrupt level for cpu->cpu ints */ 
	ulong	junk0[2]; 
	ulong	status[14];	/* status from other cpu */ 
	ulong	junk1[2]; 
	ulong	elevel;		/* cpu interrupt level for vme->cpu ints */ 
	ulong	junk2[7]; 
	ulong	flevel;		/* cpu interrupt level for vme->cpu ints */ 
	ulong	junk3[3]; 
	ulong	overrun; 
	ulong	junk4[3]; 
	ulong	id;		/* id of this cpu */ 
	ulong	eintenable; 
	ulong	eintpending; 
	ulong	fintenable; 
	ulong	fintpending; 
	ulong	idintenable; 
	ulong	idintpending; 
	ulong	junk5[8]; 
	ulong	intxmit; 
#define	SBCCREG		SYNCBUS(SBCC, 0x400000) 
#define	TIMERREG	SYNCBUS(Timer, 0x1600000) 
#define	CLRTIM0		SYNCBUS(uchar, 0x1100000) 
#define	CLRTIM1		SYNCBUS(uchar, 0x1180000) 
#define	DUARTREG	SYNCBUS(Duart, 0x1A00000) 
#define LANCERAM	IO2(uchar, 0xE00000) 
#define LANCEEND	IO2(uchar, 0xF00000) 
#define LANCERDP	IO2(ushort, 0xFC0002) 
#define LANCERAP	IO2(ushort, 0xFC000a) 
#define LANCEID		IO2(ushort, 0xFF0002) 
typedef struct MODE	MODE; 
typedef struct INTVEC	INTVEC; 
struct MODE { 
	uchar	masterslave;	/* master/slave addresses for the IO2 */ 
	uchar	resetforce; 
	uchar	checkbits; 
	uchar	promenet; 
#define MODEREG		IO2(MODE, 0xF40000) 
#define	MASTER	0x0 
#define	SLAVE	0x4 
struct INTVEC { 
	struct { 
		ulong	vec; 
		ulong	fill2; 
	} i[8]; 
#define INTVECREG	IO2(INTVEC, 0xF60000) 
#define INTPENDREG	IO2(uchar, 0xF20000)	/* same as LED */ 
#define IO2CLRMASK	IO2(uchar, 0xFE0000) 
#define IO2SETMASK	IO2(uchar, 0xFE8000) 
#define IO2MASK		IO2(ushort, 0xFE8000) 
#define	MPBERR0		IO2(ulong, 0xF48000) 
#define	MPBERR1		IO2(ulong, 0xF4C000) 
#define SBEADDR		((ulong *)(UNCACHED|0x1f080000)) 
 *  hsvme datakit board 
struct hsvme { 
	ushort	version; 
	ushort	pad0x02; 
	ushort	vector; 
	ushort	pad0x06; 
	ushort	csr; 
	ushort	pad0x0A; 
	ushort	data; 
#define HSVME		VMEA24SUP(struct hsvme, 0xF90000) 

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